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Whale Bath Toy

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Bath Time Has Never Been This Easy!

Instantly make your bath routine easier and more enjoyable.

No more convincing/forcing your little one to take baths with you.

Time to take your bath routine to a whole new level of excitement.

Now they'll look forward to taking baths on their own. 

Make Bath Time a Deep Sea Adventure

Let your munchkin explore the wonders of deep-sea whales during bath time with their very own whale bath toy!

Blows Water Like a Real Whale

Once placed on the water, the Whale Bath Toy will automatically suck up water from the bottom and spray water out of it's snout. This makes it the perfect distraction for your little one while you wash them.

LED Light Up Effects

Imagine the excitement on your kiddo's face when you switch off the light switch. It'll be their very own baby bath time rave!

Waterproof & Safe For Babies

Waterproof & safe for babies to play with during bath time. The battery box is equipped with high-grade sealed silicone to prevent any water from getting in. 

Easy To Use

1. Open the battery compartment with the screw driver provided

2. Install 3X AAA batteries (not included) in the bottom.

3. Close the battery compartment sufficiently tight.

4. Drop the toy on the water and voila...

5. Finished? Remove it from the water and it automatically turns off. 

(Note: When not in use, please shake the water out and wipe the snout.)