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Marbling Porcelain Tea/Coffee Set with Candle Warmer

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In today’s rapidly changing world. we still have some things. which we can truthfully call 'classic'. Marble is undoubtedly one of them. Presenting you the tea set. for slowing down a bit and enjoying the cup of your favorite hot drink. The charming swirl of creamy pink and grey with white hues create a soft marbling pattern. The pot from high-quality glass comes with a ceramic candle warmer. and all pieces are detailed with gold. to add a touch of royalty.

Material: Porcelain+ Glass
Available Colors: Pink/Grey
Craft: On-glazed

Package includes:

1 x pot (500 ml)
1 x candle warmer
6 x coffee cups (100 ml)
6 x saucers
6 x spoons
1 x cup holder