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Reusable Popcorn Buckets

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  • ENJOY AN INDIVIDUAL POPCORN BUCKET FOR YOU OR POPCORN BOWLS FOR FAMILY: With this set of 2 single serving microwave popcorn maker. everyone can have their own reusable popcorn bucket just the way they like it and no more fighting over the popcorn bowl!
  • A HEALTHY ALTERNATIVE: Most pre-packaged microwave popcorn bags are filled with artificial & unwanted ingredients. coated bags. & who knows what else. Plus. it's going to a landfill. With our silicone popcorn popper. there are no worries about what's in your popcorn bowl - it’s just popcorn! YOU decide what you want on your popcorn. Whether you're making a kids healthy snack. enjoying healthy office snacks. or family movie night snack trays for your home movie theater - it's a smart choice!
  • UNIQUE DESIGN: These single serving popcorn buckets allow you to make just 1. 2 or as many servings of popcorn as you want. whether it’s for just you. friends. or family! So grab enough for everyone! They are made with today’s modern. beautiful kitchens in mind with one black and one grey marble popcorn container with the highest quality silicone available. The silicone used for these reusable popcorn containers is the purest silicone avaiable and exceeds governemnt standards!
  • STACKABLE FOR EASY STORAGE: Even if you are short on space. you can still buy this popcorn maker. Once you are done. they nest perfectly together for easy storage. Even when you have multiple sets!
  • READY FOR REAL LIFE: Since it's made from silicone. it can withstand almost anything! It can be easily washed by hand or place it in a dishwasher. Now that is a smart movie night or healthy snack choice!
  • CREATE THE IDEAL CLOSE: This design allows for you to close the buckets for popping without a lid. For the best and most secure closure. lay one flap over the other and bring one flap over the other flap creating what looks like a soft 'S' curve in the bucket's flaps. (One side at the 'corner' has flap A over flap B and the other has flap B over flap A). *If you have trouble keeping it closed during popping. please make sure you are closing the flaps as described here.



Material Silicone
Brand SiliSmart
Item Dimensions LxWxH 4 x 4.5 x 5.8 inches