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Real Touch Tulip Bouquet

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Product Description

What is the one thing that can instantly turn an angry partner’s mood into a cute adorable one. Flowers!

No matter how angry your partner is or how big you quarreled in the morning. A single glance at beautiful flowers can turn all the hard stoned hearts into melting one. 

So we bring you this real touch mini tulip bouquet. It consists of  exquisitely decorative flowers. However, unlike their real counterparts which fade and drop petals after only a few days or even a few hours, these gorgeous beauties last a lifetime! 

Display them individually or collectively in a vase as an eye-catching centerpiece on the table to greet house guests. They also make beautiful decorations for weddings, showers or any special occasion! 

What you’ll get:

  • Ideal home decor: No matter how many decor items you have in your place, nothing can take the place of this real touch tulip bouquet. Lighten up the whole vibe by placing it anywhere in the room. 

  • Gift for near and dear ones: Whether it is the birthday of your colleague or you are visiting a friend at the hospital. These real touch tulips are perfect for every occasion. Surprise your loved one with this exceptionally beautiful bouquet and place them in a vase to keep them around forever.

  • Everlasting beauty: Unlike the normal flowers that lose their charm in a few hours, these tulip bunches are here to stay forever. Giving a natural appearance but staying unwilted forever is a unique characteristic that makes them so special to have.


  • Tulips made with ever-lasting PU material
  • Available in 13 different color options
  • Each tulip has a length of 14 inches
  • Specially made for weddings, room decorations, showers & gifts