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Premium Pocket Bag

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The Premium Pocket Bag has an overall upgrade in design. material. and functionality. Black oxford outer-material. a more fashionable design. practical and better fitting pockets. and the longlasting quality makes this bag the Premium version of our Pocket Bag collection.

Quickly becomes like a natural part of you. get exactly what you need instantly. with quick and easy access within a swift hand motion.

premium pocket bag

Make up for limited pocket space with its geometrically designed pockets to naturally fit all of your everyday essentials.

  • For both males and females with adjustable straps to fit any size. The strap has a total length of 100cm or 39.4 inches.
  • Evenly distributed weight around the body – Lets your shoulders rest. unlike regular handbags.

premium pocket bag 1

Thieves won’t stand a chance! Wear a Premium Pocket Bag below your jacket. inside zippered pockets – too tight and unknown for a pickpocketer to succeed. Subtle access to your belongings by simply zippering down your jacket halfway down.

premium pocket bag 2

An easily accessible phone compartment is sewed within the main compartment. Deep and sturdy inside-pockets layered underneath each other with smooth silky material to maximize space and convenience.

Get the premium feel of the black color. a vibe of sophistication. with the best-handpicked zippers. and water repellent material.

premium pocket bag 3