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Portable Spill Proof Water Fountain Bowl for Dog

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Ensure that your furry friend stays refreshed throughout the day by setting up a dog water dispenser for him to drink from. With its unique design. the spill proof dog bowl automatically pushes water up for a convenient drinking experience.

Our dog waterer produces a shallow puddle of water on its surface so that your dog's ears and snout don't get all wet. This feature of the large dog water bowl helps prevent the yellowing of your pet's mouth and also prevents skin diseases that are caused by a drenched space.

Equipped with a double-layered and reinforced border. the no spill dog bowl fully prevents water from spilling out. Not only that. but the large dog water dispenser also has the ability to keep dust and dirt away from the clean water.

Even better. the dog water fountain bowl is extremely compact and can be placed almost anywhere in your home. Provide your best buddy with only the cleanest and freshest water by filling up the no spill dog water bowl.


SAFE - Made with BPA-free PP. the dog water dish is extremely safe for your pet to drink from on a daily basis. It does not release any harmful toxins that can jeopardize your pet's health. even when it's in constant contact with liquids.

DURABLE - With its high-quality design. the dog water dispenser is highly durable and won't break down even after years of use. This spill proof dog bowl is suitable for different types of environments like your home. office. the outdoors. and more.

LARGE CAPACITY - Our dog waterer comes with a deep basin that can carry up to 50 ounces of water with extreme ease. Not only that. but the large dog water bowl is fitted with a large floating plate that prevents spillage and promotes slow water intake.


Size: 20 x 8.5 x 20 cm
Material: BPA FREE PP
Color: Green/ Blue/ Grey