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Pet Lovers Pens (Set of 5 black ink pens)

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🐶PET Lovers Multicolor Pen Set🐱 

5 Funny Pens Packaged for Gifting 

This funny pen set is just for cat/dog lovers! With excellent sayings like “Ask me about my cat/dog” and “Sorry. I’m late. my cat was napping on me.” you’ll want to display these five colorful pens everywhere you can. That way you can be reminded of your kitty friends with every word you write! These cat pens also make purr-fect gifts. so you might just want to stock up!

Here’s all the phrases:
                  For cat lovers

    • Cats > People
    • Ask me about my cat
    • Sorry I'm late. my cat was napping on me
    • I just want to pet all the cats
    • Cats are cheaper than therapy
    • For dog lovers
    • Dogs > People
    • Ask Me About My Dog
    • Sorry I Can't. I Have Plans With My Dog
    • Hi. Can I Pet Your Dog?
    • Dogs Are Cheaper Than Therapy
Package:1*Pet Lovers Pens (Set of 5 black ink pens.)