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Pet Comb Professional Removal Of Floating Hair

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  • A special Cat Hair Brush with special steel needle bristles that’s effective in detangling hair
  • A self-cleaning brush, simply push the button at the back to remove accumulated hair from brushing
  • Ergonomic curved design that goes deeply into the fur giving your pets a thorough brush
  • Blunt-round tips that feel comfortable and gentle on their skin, it almost feels like getting a massage!
  • Help prevent skin diseases, lessens tangled hair, and improves blood circulation with regular use
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • This Cat Hair Brush uses steel needle bristles that are effective in detangling hair. This special comb has a special feature that allows it to self-clean. Simply push the button at the back of the brush head to release the accumulated hair from brushing. Its slightly curved design goes deeply into the fur giving you and your pets the best grooming experience!