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Multi-Purpose Dock Hook

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Pulling The Boat Over The Shore And Tie It Up Easily!

Don’t need to pull your boat over so hard with a pole. or risky jump off the boat to tie the rope anymore! The unique design of Multi-Purpose Dock Hook helps your rope go straight through any place. you can tight the boat rope within a long-distance. and pulling the boat over the shore. and tie it up. Mooring boats easily!


  • A MUST-HAVE MULTIPURPOSE IMPLEMENT: Multi-Purpose Dock Hook will grab the rope and make it through the dock then pulling a floating boat over to a dock with a straight pull; Using it for hanging Christmas lights on your front or back yard olive tree is also an option.
  • PREVENTS RUST: Stainless Steel=Rust-Resistant. The premium quality Multi-Purpose Dock Hook is designed to meet all your needs for the boating season. 
  • 15 OZ-FREE OF A LIGHT BURDEN: It's like holding a 400ml bottle of water. no pressure! Using it do what you want to do at ease!
  • THE ULTIMATE EXTENSION POLE ON THE MARKET TODAY: Keep the pole long 150cm(40 to 150cm)but still. just weighs 200g! Non-Slip soft rubber hand grips for comfort and reliable grip in wet conditions. 1.3 to 5ft Pole is made of Stainless Steel for durability.


  • Material: Stainless Steel


  • 1 x Multi-Purpose Dock Hook