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Mini Ultrasonic Lens Case Cleaner

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It is suitable for Contact Lens. Good cleaning effect. Ultrasonic vibration treatment can act on the surface and slit of the cleaning object to remove the stains and make the Contact Lens look like a new one Made of high-quality Material. which makes it more durable. corrosion-resistant and heat-resistant. Adopt humanized design. simple and convenient to operate. With the ultrasonic cleaner. you just can clean your Contact Lens.

The vibration frequency is 12.000 times per minute. forming undulations and constantly washing the contact lens. so that the tear protein. grease. dust. bacteria and other harmful substances on the contact lens can be stripped to achieve a cleaning effect.

Working principle: Sonic vibration
Vibration frequency: 12000 times/min
Rated voltage: 5V
Rated power: 1w
Charging method: USB charging
Charging time: 1 hour
Battery capacity: 250mAh
operation hours: 3min. 5min
Product net weight: 68g
Product Size: 87mm*89mm*34mm

Package Included:
1x Mini Ultrasonic Lens Case Cleaner