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Memory Foam Women's Slide Sandals for Bunions

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Start your days with an unmatched level of comfort and support with our  Memory Foam Women's Slide Sandals for Bunions!

Memory Foam Women

These orthotic sandals are made for people that suffer from foot pain. bunions. joint pain. metatarsalgia known as ball foot pain. and also for those who simply want to walk comfortably and safely!

Memory Foam Women


  • Memory foam insole supports each step
  • Lightweight. non-slip. excellent shock-absorbing soles
  • Help you stand more steadily for long periods of time
  • No extortion or imbalance
  • Non-slip grip for maximum support and comfort
Memory Foam Women


Thanks to the simplicity and elegance of these slide sandals. you will be able to wear anything and more importantly. you will feel as walking on clouds!

  • The upper material is made of stretch knit for an easy fit even for wide sizes
  • Ultra cushy memory foam footbed will leave you feeling like walking on a soft cushion 

The main function of the arch of the foot is to distribute gravity from the ankle joint via the talus to the small head of the metatarsal and then to the calcaneus to ensure the stability of the plantar support when standing upright.

Wearing our slide sandals for women will make you smile and just think of how close you were all the time to a perfect pair of sandals.

Memory Foam Women