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LED Color Shower Head with Temperature Display

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Enjoy your shower with the right water temperature 

Get into the shower without guessing how hot or cold the water is. This shower head has a built-in sensor that can smartly detect the temperature. Set your water right by its digital LED display and elevate your bathroom experience with different LED colors that change according to the range of temperature. Replace your bathroom shower head now for a fun and comfortable shower. 



  • The shower nozzle is made of ABS material. the surface is galvanized. corrosion-resistant. anti-aging. and durable.
  • The ergonomically designed handle is compact. lightweight. and comfortable to hold. 
  • Easy to connect and effectively help save water.
  • The Built-in electric generator has a long lifespan.
  • Working temperature: 0°C ~100°C


  • There are 3 spray modes. and it’s easy to change just by pressing the round button. 


  • The number shows the current water temperature. and the LED color change to Blue.Green and Red according to the water temperature range. This spray head with LED light looks gorgeous and cool.

Package Include:
1X LED Light Shower with Temperature Control Display