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High Pressure Grease Coupler

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Easy lock-on and off

Stable and durable with long service life

Save  grease

Deliver lubrication under pressure


Greasing is a messy job. but it doesn't have to be a frustrating one.

Upgrade your grease gun today with High Pressure Grease Coupler and start saving grease. saving time. avoid grease leaking and get rid of the daily frustrations that bad greasing equipment brings.

Compatible with All Grease Guns 

Simply turn the textured swivel handle with a finger. you can latch and release grease fittings in seconds. even if there is grease in your hand. No more hard springs.

Once LUBE PRO PLUS High Pressure Grease Coupler is locked on zerk fitting. it stays on and does not pop off. It allows both your hands to operate the grease gun.

How To Use?

Turn left one turn to open and find your zerk fitting. 

Clip it on the zerk fitting and lock half a turn to the right.

After docking. you can easily inject the grease.

Designed for access confined area

Using a High-Pressure Grease Coupler to lubricate a joint or bearing enables better precision. pressure. and flow control in applying the grease and delivering it to areas that would otherwise be difficult to access. When greasing is easier. it gets done more often. Regular greasing improves machine life and uptime.

Four hardened spring steel jaws and quality sealing gasket ensure long lasting and stable performance.