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Glowing Moon Luminous Wall Clocks

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30cm Creative Glowing Moon Wall Clock Waterproof PVC Acrylic Luminous Hanging Clock for Bedroom Decor
1. After being exposed to natural light, can be seen at night or in darkness.
2. High-precision laser cutting process and 1440DPI high-precision flatbed printing.
3. Ultra-quiet movement, no ticking, especially suitable for home use.
4. Metal paint pointer.
5. High quality acrylic panel, strong gloss.

Material: Imported environmental protection waterproof PVC + acrylic
Size: diameter: 30cm/11.81 in

1. This product needs to absorb light in sunlight to glow in darkness. Product needs DIY assembly.
2. Please allow 1-3 cm differs due to manual measurement.

1 X Panel
1set X Clock movement accessories
1 X Hook