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Soft Drink Dispenser

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Drink the freshest carbonated drinks in the most convenient way anytime. anywhere!

This Soft Drink Dispenser holds soda and turns the bottle into a key. just like pouring beer. You put the drink onto a 2-liter plastic bottle and pour it out.


  • Keeps It Fresh - The white rubber ring on the top of the installed bottle prevents deflation and leakage from the large bottle. making each carbonated drink as full of carbonated bubbles as the first sip.
  • Drink Dispenser - Allows precise and flexible portion control with simple movements. consistent with the operation of a water dispenser.

  • Save Time And Effort - Designed with a non-slip point on the bottom. no need to worry about drinks slipping. just press to get the amount you want. Key position up and down any installation. convenient and quick.
  • Best Gift - Perfect for holidays. parties. and home bars. or as a gift.


  1. Twist dispenser onto the top of a bottle 1-2 litters.
  2. Invert bottle before dispensing drinks.

    Product description:

    • Color: Red 
    • Material: Plastic
    • Note: If the drink is not carbonated beverages. in use. need to hand squeeze bottle
    • For carbonated drinks. after drinking half. the pressure inside the bottle will decrease. gently shake the bottle. and then everything will be fine
    • The second generation of drinking water tap has already hit shelves and there is no need to worry about the pressure in the bottle

      Package Includes:

      • 1 × Coke Water Tap