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Jet Rose Gold Cutlery Set

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The rosy metallic trend isn't going anywhere. and now even your utensils can get in on the action. Jet Rose gold cutlery is elegant yet modern — and a little bit unexpected.


  • Made out of durable 18/10 stainless steel
  • Electroplated for longevity and beauty!
  • Hand forged to ensure quality design and integrity
  • Easy to clean & Dishwasher safe


4 Pieces Set:

1 X Fork
1 X Knife
1 X Coffee Spoon
1 X Soup Spoon

24 Pieces Set:

6 X Fork
6 X Knife
6 X Coffee Spoon
6 X Soup Spoon

48 Pieces Set:

12 X Fork
12 X Knife
12 X Coffee Spoon
12 X Soup Spoon