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Decompression Support Belt

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Decompression Support Belt:

Providing clinical grade traction and decompression therapy, which helps lift your upper body and unloading the weight off the lower back and allowing the muscles to relax. Helps to relieve pressure off pinched nerves.

Back Pain Relief:
Through traction, reduce the burden around ligament, bring good rest for the damaged lumbar fibrous ring. Stretch & relieve tight lower back muscles and relieve the pain such as degenerative discs, hyperglycemia of lumbar vertebra, long time driving or sitting, scoliosis and anesthesiologists and more.

Enjoy Anytime Anywhere:

Can be used during activities, or while resting and relaxing, such as walking, sitting, lying down, gardening, golfing, working, driving, etc

Why Do I need This:

The spine and back supports us in our daily life. Any pain coming from it affects us more than we know. Chronic back problems are bad for long term health.

When back pain is not treated, it affects your health and leads into mental problems like poor focus, restless nights, increased stress, reduced productivity and social impairment. This directly affects the quality of your life.

The Solution:

Use the same therapy chiropractors use to decompress the spine and relieve lumbar pressure. How it works?

Treat your back pain, not just ease it. Our belt is specialized for long-term satisfaction instead of temporary convenience.

Technology that Built To Heal:

The belt inflates with air which stretches and retracts the lower back. This gentle traction helps decompress the spinal discs and allows the spine to align to its natural position.


The decompression helps relieve pressure off degenerative, herniated, bulging discs and pinched nerves such as sciatica.
This allows degenerative discs to get the water, oxygen, and nutrients it requires for faster healing.


Stretches and retracts the lower back as it inflates with air. This gentle traction helps decompress the spinal discs.
Use it anywhere, anytime. Enjoy life to its fullest capacity.