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Silicone caulking tool

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Easy Caulking Tool Set is smartly designed to combine 3 practical caulking tools into 1 – Can be used as a silicone trowelresidue scraper. or sharp blade.

The v-shaped sharp blade helps easily remove tough. hard-to-reach grouts from corners. joints. and edges at any angle. Also. you can apply a scraper to gently remove glue residues.

Not just for caulk removal - Comes with 6 different trowel tips to fit your needs. letting you make the sealant smooth and spread evenly for a perfectly white. clean caulk line!


3-in-1 Caulking Tool: Designed for either applying or removing caulk. Can be used as a silicone trowel. gentle residue scraper. or a sharp blade.

Effortless Caulk Removal: The v-shaped sharp blade helps easily remove tough. hard-to-reach grouts from corners. joints. and edges at any angle. Just push to remove the entire caulk line without leaving residue.

Universal Tips: Comes with 6 different trowel tips to fit your needs. letting you make the sealant smooth and spread evenly for a perfectly white. clean caulk line!

Damage-free & Wide Usage: Won’t cause scratches/any damage to the wall surfaces. Applicable for home. kitchen. bathroom. tank. window. door. sink. and so on.

Ergonomic Design: The anti-slip handle provides stable gripping. Also comes with an easy push-pull button for a quick switch between scraper and silicone trowels.


  • Material: Silicone. Metal. ABS Plastic
  • Round Radius (Round silicone tips): 3R6R10R13R17R


  • 1x  Easy Caulking Tool
  • 5x  Round Silicone Tips