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1200mAH Solar Power Bank Keychain

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Adventure seekers must have this power booster for any electronic device!


Charge your gadgets using only the sunlight with our Solar Keychain Powerbank!




When you work in the field or travel.or encounter a power outage.the solar charger will help you to use your phone anytime.anywhere to maintain the working state.ready to keep contact with others.






•Solar Panel Charging Port: Recharge your power bank with its solar panel that can convert sunlight to electricity. You’ll have unlimited electricity anywhere you go!



•Large Battery Capacity 1200mAh: This 1200mAH solar panel power bank that can charge multiple devices simultaneously.



•Equipped with Wireless Charging Technology: This portable solar power bank charger is compatible with all Qi-enabled devices. It has built-in dual USB outputs allowing you to charge 3 devices at the same time! 



•Dual Input Ports: Dual ports like Type-C and Micro USB connectors deliver the highest possible charging speed that is almost twice as fast as using the ordinary power bank! 



•Heavy-Duty IP66 Material: Excellent construction. completely dustproof. shockproof. and waterproof properties. Suitable for various weather conditions. 



•Built-in Strong LED Flashlight: Bright flashlight feature is great for sending signals like SOS or emergency purposes.



•Universal Device Compatibility: Highly compatible with all mobile device models. Great for carrying around. allowing you to keep your mobile devices fully charged anytime and anywhere. Comes with a sling keychain for portability and convenience. ideal for camping. hiking. travel. and more!



This product is suitable for the following products charge:

* Phone

* Digital camera


* for iPod

* Mp3

* MP4





1.This product before the initial use. please let this product more than twice full charge and discharge. in order to improve the efficiency of the built-in battery.



2.When you need to charge a digital product or mobile phone. please carefully read the product manual. understand the parameters of this product to see if it is suitable for your digital products. technical requirements. Then connect the USB plug of lengthens the conversion cable to the charger. connect the other end to the corresponding socket. and then connect to the phone or other digital to charge.



3.When charging. your phone or digital product will show a prompt for charging. you can use the phone while charging.






Battery:Polymer Lithium-Lon Battery


Battery Capacity:1000mAH




Output Current:DC 300-800mAH


Solor Panel:5V 40MA








Package Includes:


1*1200mAH Keychain Solar Power Bank(Wtih Key Rings)


1*USB Cable