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Battery Tester [Make Your Life Easier]

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In old days. you had to find a little transistor radio or walkman or some other device & spend half an hour plugging every single battery in to see if would run said device. But now. say goodbye to such stupid action!😍



√ Easy to use and small in size makes it ideal for the gadget bag. toolbox. or home utility drawer

√ Tests C. AA. AAA. D. N. 9V 6F22 and 1.5V button cell batteries

√ Suitable for carbon. zinc. alkaline

√ High-quality and trouble-free performance

√ Clear LCD bar graph display for easy reading

√ Reliable and intelligently

√ Tri-color meter indicating the battery's strength

√ Precisely checks the power left in your batteries

√ Practical and instant readouts

√ Made with durable ABS

√ Powered with only 1 x 1.55V button battery



 Testing Range: C. AA. AAA. D. N. 9V (6F22) and 1.55V button battery

√ Power Supply: 1.55V button-type battery (included)



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